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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  July 15, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm amy hollyfield live in hayward. the family of michelle le is still actively looking for her and has plans to look today, even though the woman has been missing for almost two months. i'm nick smith live in oakland at fruitvale where residents are hoping that new cameras will help reduce crime in this area. >> good morning. a live look at the embarcadero. clouds this morning, not much drizzle to talk about. a warming trend begins today, it's not going to be warm for a couple of days.
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i'm sue hall in the traffic center. we're getting word that "h" train number one in the central valley is running a little late. >> good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. >> our top story the family of michelle le is conducting a new search for her today and tomorrow. they are investigating her disappearance as a homicide. the family is upping the reward and refusing to give up. amy hollyfield is live at the search command center in hayward. this will be the sixth search that the family has organized. they have no idea how many people will show up. they have had as many as 180 people out the searches. they realize as time goes by some people may not be paying attention to the case anymore or jump in and help. they want volunteers to look for
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pieces of her clothing that could lead police to michelle. they are searching rural areas in the east bay. her brother is a student at u.c. berkeley and he has dedicated his break looking for michelle. he says he is always printing out flyers, working on the facebook page to get the word out. he has been raising money and the reward is up to $100,000. >> i've never been able to talk about that much money in my entire life. i really hope whoever is involved, whoever knows anything monday is not the motivator to come forward please do it simply because the family needs it so much. she was last seen on may 27th. she was last seen leaving the kaiser permanente medical center in hayward. she was taking a break. she is a nursing student. she told her friends she was
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going to get something out of her car. she was never seen again. her car was found later a few blocks away. no suspects have been identified in the case. hayward police have classified this case as a homicide. her family though has hoped she is still alive. if you are interested in joining the search. it starts at 8:00 this morning. we are on cypress and address is 25350 cypress avenue in hayward. business owners in oakland are hoping new surveillance cameras being unveiled today are going to help than the ie where a business owner was murdered earlier this year. nick smith has the story. >> reporter: good morning. city officials mayor kwan and other city officials will introduce those cameras. those cameras behind me later today. in will be 30 cameras installed in the fruitvale district in an
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effort to increase surveillance. when they pushed them for the merchants, they will allow police to view the footage. police hope to monitor the cameras in realtime or have them monitored by volunteers. first installation is outside a mexican restaurant where campos was murdered in april. >> it's necessary. there are s a lot of crime here. >> reporter: that crime is still unsolved. pre-dawn botched robbery upset the business owners where they demanded change. now many believe that the high definition video cameras may have made the difference because unlike the older cameras, these are strategically kli placed by police to cover the area well.
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another reason is oakland's chinatown after older residents were victims of crime they asked them to be installed and they were installed and they saw a drop in the crime. they are hoping the same thing happens here. members of more than a dozen nonprofit and community action groups are planning to meet today to discuss the possibility of boycotting the police department in san jose. at a community meeting this week they threatened to call their members working with police as informants unless they get rid of two homeland security agents working with the department. they joined the police to help fight the growing gang problem. the chief insists they will be only be targeting gang members in the country illegally but many in the community they aren't sure. san jose police are investigating a travel agency
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fraud scheme targeting vietnamese people. the owner of the agency promised to take care of everything but only took their money and delivered nothing. they believe there are other victims. several members of bart board's of directors is taking how long investigators to investigate the bart shooting that fatally killed charles hill. yesterday bart's police chief told the board it's taking more time because they have identified 40 witnesses to the shooting. so far they have interviewed only about 20 of them. >> a $10,000 reward is being offered for information about a body found on fire in oakland. neighbors reported something burning in the middle of ivanhoe road. fighters arrived on the scene within minutes and called police. investigators believe the body was dumped there.
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this is the sixth time in the past six years that bodies were found burning in oakland. >> san francisco city attorney has taken the first step toward suing the puc for failing to enforce gas pipeline safety standards. they accuse the government of not doing enough to ensure pipeline safety. three major transmission lines run through san francisco. the action comes as 55 more people has joined a lawsuit seeking damages against pg&e for last september's pipeline explosion. more than 90 families are suing pg&e. they accuse pg&e of not doing enough to prevent the tragedy that killed 89 people and destroyed more than three dozen homes. >> oakland officials are releasing final numbers in the layoff of city workers now that a new budget is in place. oakland tribune reports 56 employees will lose their jobs in the next couple of weeks. 12 workers may be going to lower positions.
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most of them are cleaning up broken bottles and parks and other things. students have to figure out how they are going pay for a 9.6% increase. board of regents approved it last week. tuition will cost more than $12,000 a year. geents regents say it's needed after cuts to the system. tuition hikes only cover a small portion of the budget cuts. >> 25%. >> so more main will have to come from elsewhere. >> federal grants and more money from out of state students. >> painful times. let's talk about the weather. something more pleasant looking for more warmer temperatures in the bay. >> and man with the good news. mr. mike nicco.
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>> if you don't like to pay a lot for electricity, but it may change as seasonal temperatures or the way. until then, look how deep of this trough pressure down to southern california, that is what is funneling the cold air in our neighborhoods and continue to do so through the next couple of days, but we are going to modify it just a little bit this afternoon. until then, stepping outside, mainly cloudy and temperatures in the low to mid-50s. we do have a clear sky in santa rosa and 50. same thing in san jose and about 54. afternoon hours, you can see the clouds along the coast. upper 50s to low 60s for you. mid to upper 60s around the bay shore and low to mid-70s in inland neighborhoods. 80s in ukiah, cloverdale and clearlake. 55 in salinas but farther inland 77 in gilroy. here is a look at accu-weather seven-day forecast, bale slowly
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warm temperatures through sunday and you can see the big jump on monday and tuesday as temperatures are back to average for most of next week. good morning, sue. a lot of construction this time of year. >> that's right. overnight road work. this is san rafael and the reason i'm showing you this, they are down to one lane. this is southbound direction and you can see traffic is backed up. we're getting reports from marinwood. they should have it cleared up by 6:00 but it's slow and go out of san rafael. no problems on the golden gate bridge. there are flashing lights and reconfiguring the lanes southbound but not much in the way of fog. as i mentioned earlier, "h" train number one getting a little late start, 5-10 minutes late. all right. thanks so much. >> the question this morning, who wants to be a millionaire?
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the city you might want to move to. >> you don't want these.... >> was he lying or seriously misinformed. the movement to validate and restore an initiative. >> and unvaccinated children are getting in sacramento. >> and they want to know if british tabloids hacked the phones
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>> good morning, another warning about the u.s. credit rating. standard & poors says it's a 5050 chance it will downgrade the bond rating. >> minnesota governor and lawmakers have reached an agreement for a budget impasse. nonessential operations have been jut down since july 1st. >> this could be the final weekend for a borders bookstore chain. a judge as approved to auction off the company. deadline is tuesday. and the city that is growing millionaires the fastest, is houston, second was los angeles with 9% more millionaires than last year and that is followed by new york. parents are going to have
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more time to get proof had a their children received a whooping cough vaccination. they passed a bill where it's required where a child would be turned away on the first day of school. they have given parents another 30 days evidence of the vaccination. along with the loss of funding for schools of students not being in class after being sent home. >> don't ask and don't tell will be resurrected. the justice department have asked the court to consider halt on ban. they persuaded a lower court judge the ban as unconstitutional after it put the obama administration of defending the policy it opposes. 6.
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a protege of rupert murdoch has resigned her post. she is the biggest casualty so far in the phone hacking scandal at a now disfungt sunday tabloid. and they tried to hack into the phones of 9/11 victims. several members of congress have demanded investigation. his company has been hit they hacked into phones of thousands of people. "wall street journal", damage to the company is nothing more tha will not be recovered. they have a reputation of good work in this country. he also he was getting annoyed by negative headlines. san francisco public defender jeff adachi has rolled out several videos to the embarrassment of san francisco police department in recent
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months. now another undercover video has surfaced but this time the tables are turned. political reporter mark matthews with the story and the video. >> as a private says he is leading the charge to revamp the pension system. it would cap benefits and raise employee contributions particularly for police and firefighters. to qualify for the november ballot, petition gatherers were hired and in this undercover video shot by a union worker you can hear the pitch. >> better retirement benefits for city workers? >> increasing pension benefits, not reducing them? >> it has to be voted on. >> getting rid of nighttime parking lot meters. >> you don't want night time parking meters. >> and nathan is representing the unions. >> that is not right. you can't say this is about nighttime parking meters when
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it's really about pensions. >> they say the 72,000 signatures that have been gathered should be thrown out. >> every petition has what is called that is prepared by the city. let me the tell you, they read the petitions before they sign it. >> and in the end, there were 300 people collecting signatures. >> the signature gathering and he needs 47,000 to qualify the measure for the ballot. he turned in 72,000 signatures. the elections office say they will have their count done in 30 days. a quick windshield wiper check this morning. three out of three. >> in parts of the bay area. there will be some the next couple of mornings but the warming trend will be the big story. good morning to you. how are you doing on this friday. we are coming up on 5:19.
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you can see sausalito, tiburon, belvedere from mount tamalpais. you see some of the lights from san francisco and the clouds are increasing as you can see them move from right to left or from west to east across your television screen this morning. 50s everywhere and same thing around monterey bay. as far as our highlights, three things you need to know, it's going to be partly cloudy and still a cool breeze keeping our temperatures well below average. mostly cloudy nights for the next couple of nights and slow warming trend, it starts today but really notice it in the early parts of next week. for today, cloud cover and watch as increases to about 9:00 and then start to retreat back to the coast. we'll still have lingering clouds spilling into the bay and possibility of continuing about 3:00. we'll see a lot of sunshine, 50s to 70s. that is our spread today from
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the coast to inland neighborhoods. 24-hour temperature change, look at this, we're going to do the same in oakland, 1 degree warmer in san jose. santa rosa 2, concord 3, fremont four degrees warmer than yesterday. by the time the sun sets at 8:32 campbell about 72 degrees today. lingering clouds and mid to upper 60s around the peninsula. over at the coast, upper 50s to 62 in half moon bay. 60 in the sunset. downtown south san francisco and sausalito, low to mid-60s. upper 60s to low 70s for san francisco and santa rosa. farther north, 80s around ukiah and north bay wine country is going to be gorgeous today. upper 60s around castro valley and fremont. low to mid-70s in the east bay valleys. from pittsburg and brentwood, mid-70s. same thing for morgan hill and
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gilroy. 63 in monterey. if you are heading to the coliseum, 60 dropping down to 56. accu-weather seven-day forecast, by monday, 4-10 degrees warmer and wednesday look to be the warmest. >> we mentioned no need for windshield wipers. san mateo bridge, no fog at all. very clear, your drive east and westbound between hayward and foster city no problems at all this morning. hoping for friday light all morning at the bay bridge toll plaza. cars are cruising right into san francisco. no metering lights so far and no problems, everything is at the limit on the upper deck into san francisco. we do have a bit of "h" train number one five to ten minutes later getting out of central valley. i checked with bart and caltrain a.c. transit and muni is running on time.
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go to for all kinds of information including bay area traffic. eric -- i answer to any name. i don't even care. i'm positive about that on this friday morning. >> a balloon that sparked a panic that went up for auction. proceeds that it will go to. >> and wake-up call for space shuttle atlantis. >> how you can play a role in a hollywood movie. we'll explain. a amamamamamamamañ
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the family that pretended the six-year-old son had floated away on helium balloon says a man has paid $2500 for the balloon in an auction. the attorney for the family says all the proceeds will go to japanese earthquake and tsunami relief. they paid $36,000 when the scam was uncovered. balloon by buyer will hold a news conference. >> shuttle astronauts are dealing with another computer problem. they woke them up in an hour into their sleep period. astronauts will troubleshoot the latest problem today. a different computer failed and was restarted successfully.
5:26 am
atlantis is due back on earth next week ending the 30-year shuttle program. >> hollywood made the social network on facebook founder mark zuckerberg but now comes the first social movie. new online project called inside is being described as social media meets hollywood thriller. he wakes up in a locked room with no way to communicate with the outside real except with a laptop. and to participate the movie production in realtime. segments will be released every couple of days on social media outlets. they will be invited to respond and help create the next installment. after three weeks the project will be edited into a single
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movie. >> audition now. >> all right. >> getting ready. >> to reverse a debt crisis. new pitch president obama will make to the nation today. >> a brother has dedicated his entire summer to finding his sister. the family of michelle le has big plans today. her relatives are not giving up. we'll have that story up next. >> also next at 5:30, he has been caught many times for the same crime but police can't do much to stop him. what one lawmakers to prevent this th guy from ripping people off again. >> if you are travel around the country a short-lived break from the heat with upper 70 80s to 90s. phoenix in 83. good news nothing is happening at our major airports. all you are running on time. if they do change, flight tracker at
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i'm amy hollyfield live in hayward where volunteers are needed. can you go out and search for michelle le today? her family would like some help. >> a coalition of groups consider a possible boycott of san jose police. >> good morning to you. check this picture, it's gorgeous from mount tamalpais. we'll have cool weather today but the warming trend starts. we'll talk about it when we get back into the forecast and may need the air-conditioner. >> los angeles is bracing for carmegeddon but we have spoty
5:31 am
light. >> and man accused of stealing a picasso faces arraignment today. a search of his apartment in new jersey turns up half a million dollars worth of stolen artwork. thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm terry mcsweeney in for eric thomas. the search for nursing student missing for two months. family of michelle le is not giving up. amy hollyfield joins us live from search headquarters in hayward. >> michelle le's brother is so dedicated to find his sister. he says any kind of set back even when he can't put flyers somewhere he feels like he is letting his sister down. they are conducting sixth search. they will go out out in the rural areas and look for any
5:32 am
sign of michelle, like pieces of her clothing. high ward police have classified this case as a homicide but her family is not willing to make that leap. i can't imagine life without her. i can't imagine going another day without calling her and talking to her. so i don't even want to imagine that. >> reporter: michelle le disappeared on may 27th. she was last seen at kaiser permanente in hayward. she told a friend she was going on out to a car and never seen again. police believe she was murdered. they haven't named any suspects and there is no new evidence in the case. the family has been raising money for a reward for anyone with information on the case. they have raised $100,000. if you would like to participate
5:33 am
in the search it starts at 8:00 this morning. we've got all the information you need on our website at be sure to click on see it on tv. live in hayward, amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." members of more than a dozen nonprofit and community action groups are planning to meet today to discuss the possibility of boycotting the san jose police department. at a meeting this week, community leaders threatened to call latino members to stop working with police as witnesses unless the chief gets rid of two homeland security agents. they joined the force last month to fight the gang problem. they insist they will be targeting members that are here illegally. man accused of stealing a any was oh drawing from an art gallery in san francisco is scheduled to return to court today in connection with the july 5th heist.
5:34 am
mark lugo is being held on $5 million bail. he appears to have quite an art has been it after he was arrested for the san francisco theft, police raided his new jersey apartment and found $500,000 worth of stolen artwork hanging on his wall in his home, another picasso drawing. it was reported stolen from a new york hotel along with six other pieces found in his apartment. >> a san francisco supervisor says she is taking action on an increase problem, people posing as parking attendants and scamming people. people are getting ripped off by parking attendant imposters. they charge people to park and give them a fake receipt. these incidents are becoming much much more frequent. a supervisor will introduce a resolution on tuesday calling on the district attorney to come up with a plan that will ultimately put an end to the scam. >> we are on the cusp to host
5:35 am
america's cup which will be all over san francisco, especially in the embarcadero port authority area. we're going to have to be prepared for that. >> the supervisor says the resolution is non-binding but he hopes it will involving involve into a city ordinance. >> governor brown has signed a bill to inning gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender history into social studies classes in california public schools. the bill is the first of its kind in the nation. the democratic controlled legislature passed it last week. some churches and conservative groups have argued it shows students some parents may find objectionable. but the sponsor says it will teach tomorrow rachbs and be more accepting of differences. >> president obama has scheduled a news conference to talk about the sta stat status of the nation's debt limits. the president has asked both
5:36 am
parties to take three deficit reductions and to see if any can win a vote in the house and senate and come back with a deal. they need to reach a deal by august 2nd. abc news will bring you the conference in a special report at 8:00 this morning. >> it's 5:36 and starting out with low clouds and a little bit drizzly so for those that want a change. >> it's getting better all the time. >> and next week we'll final be back to average and that may be short-lived. notice how far to the south, that puts us in the middle of it and last cool day this is going to start marching to the east. we have clear and calm conditions up in santa rosa but cloudy and calm in novato. west wind at 15.
5:37 am
at sfo, 24 miles per hour. concord, 16 and fairfield, still a pretty stout sea breeze. temperatures close to where they were yesterday within 1-2 degrees. that puts us in the mainly 50s by 8 a.m. possibly 49 in santa rosa. clouds will pull out the valleys by about 9:00, 10:00 and clouds are hanging around the bay. a few trying so spin into the san ramon valley. by about 4:00 we'll see temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 60s around the bay shore. low to mid mid 70s and best area will be the south bay and north bay. seven-day forecast, a little bit of a dramatic jump monday, tuesday and wednesday when temperatures get back to average. >> those traveling to los angeles they are bracing for a big freeway closure, 405 will
5:38 am
be shut down in both directions until 5:00 a.m. monday morning for road work there. they are calling it carmegeddon in the los angeles area. southbound 680 at walnut creek, moving well on to the 24 junction. let's take a look at southbound san jose 280, no problems in. we are getting first reports of an accident southbound 101 out of petaluma, a vehicle on the shoulder. a flight to europe comes to an end for hundreds of passengers before it even begins. still ahead, the collision that has federal investigators at one of the largest airports this morning. >> and getting through airport security, the government's new program that could make your next trip a lot smoother.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. federal safety investigation is getting underway at boston's logan airport. a delta jetliner clipped a wing of a smaller aircraft last night. officials are trying to figure out how it happened. >> reporter: it was a clear evening, still light out when the larger delta boeing 767 smacked into the smaller regional jet. both planes were damaged.
5:42 am
wing tip was sliced and the tail of the regional jet badly mangled. >> i was looking out the window and i say a plane off to the side thinking, these planes are pretty close. i wonder if anybody sees -- it's things you hear about. >> it could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: it apparently happened as the planes were taxiing for takeoff. the smaller plane had turned on to a second perpendicular way. the jet was coming from behind and apparently thought he was cleared the smaller plane. he did not. they say the jumbo jet was heading to amsterdam with 204 passengers and a crew of 11. the regional jet bound for raleigh durham with 74 passengers. one passenger on the small plane compared of a neck injury after the collision. no one else was hurt. there was nearly 1,000 runway incidents at the nation's
5:43 am
airports where planes got too close to each other. luckily actual collisions are not common but they are major safety concern. the ts a a wants to test express lanes for travelers. federal authorities plan to launch a pilot program a four airlifts that will allow prequalified passengers to pass through more swiftly. it would include delta passengers boarding in atlanta and detroit. qualifying travelers must be u.s. citizens would provide personal information in advance to tsa. cleared passengers would go through metal detectors but may escape more rigorous screening but travelers may still be subject to random full checks in order to keep from potential terrorists and may expand to more airports. bookstore borders faces
5:44 am
possible lick way wi days. >> also, he died a hero serving our country in war. solemn homecoming for a soldier. >> and new measures oakland is considering to make it the pot farm capital of california. >> and is the internet replacing our memory? >> and harry potter hoopla, fan celebration. a disappearing act in a way.=x=x
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welcome back. 5:47. it is quiet across the state. there could be a few showers around eureka and tahoe and yosemite. we'll have mainly sunny conditions through the central valley. 84 in chico and fresno. 98 in palm springs and threat of thunderstorms in tahoe at 71. 80s in yosemite all throughout the weekend. flags will fly at half-staff for a fallen soldier. he died when his unit came under enemy fire in afghanistan on july 5. his coffin arrived at moffett field yesterday. patriot guard riders, police
5:48 am
officers and firefighters stood alongside the family. >> as a father, i can't be any prouder knowing that what you raised, when you are raising your son that they come up with just perfect character. he leaves behind a wife and daughter. he served in the marine corps before joining the army. next tuesday the oakland city council will increasing the number of medical marijuana dispensaries that were licensed from four to eight. the cultivation ordinance to make it in compliance with state law. they report a san francisco legal firm has revised the city's plan to license and regulated large scale pot farms. to amend the cultivation ordinance to create a system where dispensaries will only get the marijuana from the city's pot farms.
5:49 am
last year they warned the current measure could open city officials to arrest by federal drug agents. >> this morning harry potter is casting a imagine i will spell at the box office. the show of the movie were sold out across the bay area and the country. some potter fans lined up for more than 12 hours to see the film. this is the 8th and final installment of the series. young wizards are sad to see the movie go. >> it feels like you are losing your best friend. everything is ending. warner brothers says it took in more than $43 million on the first day and expected to break records in the u.s., expected to make $158 million. it will be number one on the all
5:50 am
time list. >> big part of people's adulthood. >> you get that childhood excitement and looking forward to something. i hopefully will see it tomorrow. >> might cast a spell on them. >> exactly. >> good morning everybody. here is a look down from mount tamalpais. with the oranges and blues, yellows and a oranges of the upcoming afternoon. here is a look from also roof cam. nothing in of going on. patchy drizzle but the big story is the warming trend that is slowly going to take over.
5:51 am
48 in santa rosa with a clear sky. rest of us in the 50s around the monterey bay, everybody is cloudy and temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. highlights, partly cloudy, cool breeze will keep temperatures above average. slow warming trend today through wednesday. mostly cloudy and still have patchy drizzle possible at night. take a look at east bay valleys. low 70s through central san ramon valley and mid to upper 70s for the rest of us. east bay shore, a few clouds from richmond down to hayward. low to mid-50s there. upper 60s union city and fremont more sunshine important you. south bay, upper 60s to low 70s. 71 in san jose and 74 in los gatos. one of the areas we'll see a lot of sunshine today. partly cloudy up on the peninsula, mid to upper 60s to 70 in los altos. 59 in pacifica, 59 in daly city but 60 in the sunset. low to mid 60s downtown and
5:52 am
sausalito. you see a lot of low to mid-70s up through the north bay valleys up to the wine country. low 60s to mid-60s around monterey and carmel, beautiful day to be playing golf there. we'll see sunshine and low to mid-70s for everybody else. heading to the coliseum tonight, mostly cloudy 7:05 the first pitch, 60 dropping down to 56 degrees. temperatures will be in the 50s during the overnight hours with a lot of cloud cover and patchy drizzle. so as far as we're seeing the trough of low pressure, it almost down to baja, it's going to slowly side to the east and that is why we're seeing such a gradual warming trend. have a great weekend. here a sue. >> we've got an update going back to san rafael, southbound on 101, earlier road work has been picked up, that is good
5:53 am
news. no delays headed southbound. everything is moving the limit toward san rafael. couple blinking lights but maybe some lingering road work. "h" train report ago bit of delay. train number one out of central valley is about 5-10 minutes late. no other mass transit issues this morning. bay bridge beginning to bunch up behind the toll plaza. you can see best way to go, carpool and fastrak. metering lights remain off. for the latest, click on bay area traffic. hundreds of jobs are on the line as the borders bookstore chain faces liquidation. good morning. borders remaining stores heading to possible liquidation. they approved the motion to auction itself off to a team of liquidators. they have until monday.
5:54 am
google out of favor with investors, shares jumping this morning after better report sales. standard & poors warning there is a 50% chance of cutting their bond rating and president obama needs to reach a deal to raise the debt ceiling before august 2nd. >> stocks did close lower. ben bernanke says he is not ready to take immediate action to stimulate the economy. i'm jane king. >> tsa is getting ready to start testing faster passenger screening based on who you are at airports krrnd arnd the country this fall. we want to tell you about that wants voters to pass a new law that taxes retailers in california. pamela harris is currently
5:55 am
deciding if a referendum can be put in front of voters. they joined with brick and mortar businesses to fight back against amazon. anybody can overturn a law through the referendum process but they say it doesn't apply to bills attached to the budget. amazon's attorneys saying a referendum passed by a majority vote is a right so they will proceed. south bay transit riders are the first in the world to have the fastest wi-fi connection currently available. they have launched free wireless service on all light rail trains. they finished the testing on the daily express trains. they plan to add it to express buses and this weekend it will give two tickets to the next giants game to a rider using wi-fi on the train. >> new research suggests that we are outsourcing our memory to
5:56 am
google and other search engines. they say the internet puts so much information at our fingertips we are remembering fewer facts and where to get the information on line. the part of the brain could be evolving to find things. does that mean our memories are change something not yet. >> the computer is really, everyone realizes what they are doing, resumes for everybody. it seems that much more scary in some ways. the idea that we're locating everything that we learn outside of ourselves. if it has any impact on our ability to remember things in general? i don't think that is the case. >> scientists say there might be things we used to know and forget, but we're still able to hang on what is really useful. it's like cloud computing. it's out there.
5:57 am
>> i go to cellphone to get a home number. that is getting too reliant. >> just ahead. a former stanford standout gives golf fans a reason to stand up. >> nick smith, live in oakland where city leaders will unveil new cameras designed to reduce crime in the neighborhood. i'll have a live report.ówówówóú
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